To go where no 3D engine has gone before

If 3D content is the future, shouldn’t everyone be able to contribute?

Faced with a sea of complicated development platforms designed for industry pros, we thought it was time to lighten things up. We wanted to share the magic of 3D with absolutely everyone – no computer science degree or deep programming knowledge required. So here it is. An intuitive cloud-based toolbox for creating, conceptualizing, and collaborating on 3D environments.

Admittedly, some people had doubts about our vision

There’s no way the cloud is ready to support 3D across devices.

Industry titans already own the market – this is mission impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea. It’s just never going to work.

To the critics, we said: game on. Here’s what came next.

A user-friendly engine

Our platform’s tools are nice and simple, so you can focus on what you do best instead of learning to use complex features.

Built for collaboration

Share your work in progress with anyone via web link, and reduce friction by collaborating with your teammates in real time.

All devices welcome

Since 3dverse lives in the cloud, you can use any device with an internet connection to develop your concept (no fancy computer required).

Democratizing the tools you need to create and share your big ideas

3dverse is all about simple and powerful features – with more to come!

Join us at the forefront

Want more info? Feeling inspired to collaborate? Let us know

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